MSPT Outstanding Research Award 2021

Purpose of the Award

The MSPT Outstanding Research Awards are designed to recognise outstanding research related to pharmaceutics or pharmaceutical technology among Members of the Society.


Only active members of the Society may apply for an MSPT Outstanding Research Award.
Master / PhD candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
To be considered for an award, an applicant must submit a research paper related to pharmaceutical technology which falls within (but not limited to) the following domains:

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Dosage form design
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Formulation
  • Natural products
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Product development

Review papers are excluded.

Students under the supervision of judges appointed to adjudicate the MSPT Outstanding Research Awards or his/her associates and/or immediate family members (children, parents, siblings including his/her spouse) are not eligible to apply for this award.

Only one submission per applicant is allowed.

How to Participate

Each entry must be accompanied by:

  • A proof of active MSPT membership
  • For Master / PhD candidates:
    • A proof of postgraduate student identity
    • A letter of recommendation by his/her current Master / PhD main supervisor
  • A proof of manuscript submission to the Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy ( or Malaysian Journal of Pharmacceutical Sciences ( The applicant has to be listed as the first author of the submitted paper. The consent of authorship is the responsibility of the applicant. Any doubt in this regard shall refer to The Malaysian Code of Responsible Conduct in Research.


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Participant shall submit his/her research paper to the Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy or Malaysian Journal of Pharmacceutical Sciences. All submitted papers will be subjected to rigorous peer review. Only accepted papers together with call application will be considered for the MSPT Outstanding Research Award.

Winner’s Selection

Winner will be selected based on the following process:

  1. Eligible participant will be shortlisted by an automated selection system based on the total number of valid entries/ submissions.
  2. For the avoidance of any doubts, only entries submitted within the Call Period will be eligible to participate for the MSPT Outstanding Research Award.
  3. Each participant may only submit ONE (1) entry
  4. Paper submitted to the designated journal shall be accepted via rigorous peer review process.
  5. On top of that, the rating of the paper will be adjudicated by at least two invited Judges of the MSPT Outstanding Research Award in double blinded manner.
  6. The selected top 3 winners are purely based on the rating by the invited Judges. Any issue of eligibility will be once again verified (for the second time) at this stage by committee of MSPT.
  7. Shortlisted participants will be notified upon the end of the Call Period. In the event that the shortlisted participant cannot be contacted (via telephone or any other communication channels) or fails to answer all the questions correctly or their entry is not complete, MSPT reserves the right to exclude the application within the designated time frame stated in the email request to participant.
  8. All decisions made by the MSPT in relation to this Award, including but not limited to, shortlisting, winner selection, prizes and forfeiture of prizes are final. Any correspondence or appeal will not be entertained. The selection of the winner is subject to the entry eligibility and criteria specified and determined at MSPT's sole discretion.

Prizes & Redemption

MSPT Outstanding Research Award (Gold) = RM 500 + certificate of Gold Award
MSPT Outstanding Research Award (Silver) = RM 300 + certificate of Silver Award
MSPT Outstanding Research Award (Bronze) = RM 200 + certificate of Bronze Award

  1. The MSPT reserves the right to postpone the date and place for prizes redemption that has been determined to a later date in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
  2. The MSPT shall not be liable for any transportation costs in connection with the redemption and/or delivery of the prizes. Any additional costs, duties, taxes and/or incidental expenses or charges imposed in respect of the prizes are solely borne by the Winner.
  3. The prizes redemption will be subjected to the availability the prizes in which the MSPT will notify the Winner from time to time.
  4. All decisions made by the MSPT in connection with the Award including but not limited to the selection of Winner and the prizes are final, conclusive and binding. Any correspondences, inquiries, appeal or objection from the Participant shall not be entertained.
  5. The Selected Participant will be contacted by the MSPT based on the contact information supplied during their entry submission process.
  6. MSPT reserves the right to substitute the advertised prizes with a prize of the same value with prior notice at its sole and absolute discretion. To the extent permitted by law, MSPT shall not be liable for any damaged relating to the prizes or misuse of the prizes, or claims, liabilities, losses or damages arising out of or in connection with this Award.
  7. All prizes are non-transferable.
  8. Winner must claim their award from the MSPT or within the time specified notified by the MSPT (via WhatsApp or any other communication channels) after the announcement. In the event the Winner fails to claim the prizes or nominate a representative within the stipulated time, the MSPT reserves the right to forfeit the prizes and award the prizes to another Winner.
  9. Winner that require a representative to claim their prizes on their behalf must ensure that their representative provide a letter of authorization issued by the Winner along with a copy of the Winner and the representative’s valid identification document.
  10. MSPT would like to alert the Participant to take reasonable precautions when receiving any phone calls or messages requesting for your personal information(s) during and/or after the award period.

For any enquiries on MSPT Awards, please contact